Chinacha is a talented 22 years old artist, both singing and designing. As she works hard to fulfill her dreams, she already get to enjoy a local popularity in Bangkok.


What’s the story behind WHITE GARDEN?
« I started this label three years ago with the financial help of my father. I love to work on photos collages and I wanted to transpose this hobby on clothing to bring some boldness to casual looks. »

How would you describe the D.N.A. of your brand?
« WHITE GARDEN is about sharing a modern vision of printing. My pieces are mainly eye-catching socks. »

What are your inspirations?
« I love to work with wildlife. I love the colours there and the flawless natural beauty. My next collection will be about ocean life. »

Why do you focus on socks?
« Socks are essential pieces. I love to bring some freshness to the most basic everyday pieces. This way, you get a cool opportunity to give a cool twist to your outfit! »

Could you portait your muse?
« She is a boyish girl in love with androgynous looks yet she knows how to be feminine in small details. »

What would be your advice to wear your socks?
« Use them to show off your original style! »

Could you tell us more about the production steps at WHITE GARDEN?
« I collect inspiring visuals and randomly photograph natural elements. Once I feel like having a bunch of cool inspirations, I share my ideas with my sister so that she can draw some illustrations for me. Then, I gather her work and my photos on the computer and develop collages highlighting drawings, paintings and photos. I need some weeks to work on printing tests with different materials that have to be confortable as well as resistant and optimal for digital printed patterns. When the prototype is finally ready, I send it to production in an atelier based in Bangkok. »


Her nickname: Cha
Her personal style: Original
Her favourite food: Everything spicy!
Her favourite fruit: Pineapple
The flowers to put on her desk: Petunias
Her song to dance all night long: – Treasure – by Bruno Mars
Her perfume: Vanilla
The Thai it-girl she follows: Ida Siriwut
The Topmodel she admires: Agyness Deyn
She would maybe leave BKK for: Iceland
The first thing she does when she wakes up: Eat her favourite cereals
A Asian artist she advices you to discover: Ren Hang (Taïwan)
Some French words she knows: Bonjour – Poupée
A Thai word to learn: Khoop khun kha (Thank you)


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