Why would you make any concession when you can afford to work like hell with pleasure? Pui is one of these girls that breath, eat and sleep with CREATING as an obsession. And so were born Rubber Relastik and WALK IN, two shoes labels, one driven by eco-friendly creativity and the other being dedicated to tailor-made orders.


Why shoes in particular?
« It all started with my final year project at Rangsit University. I was graduating Product Design and Rubber Relastik was my student project before becoming my inspiration. Working on developing the perfect shoe gave me tones of ideas! »

So WALK IN is one of these ideas you’ve got?
« With Rubber Relastik, I can’t play so much on colours and shapes. WALK IN is a happy, feminine and customizable label that highlights the different personalities of my costumers. »

How would you describe the D.N.A. of this label then?
« Practical, trendy, tailor-made and of course, made to run the city! »

What are your inspirations?
« My drawings are following my mood… I produce what I would love to wear or to see worn by someone else. It is that simple! Of course, I get even more inspired when traveling and discovering other cultures. »

Which type of shoes do you love the most to create for women?
« I never get tired of Oxford shoes. It also does fit so well any outfit. »

Could you portrait your muse?
« She is free, leaving in her own world. She loves to meet like-minded people and share her vision of happiness. »

What would be your advices to wear properly your shoes?
« Play with accessories more than with clothing. Be natural and forget about heavy make-up, you are beautiful. »

Could you please tell me more about production steps at WALK IN?
« I draw before looking for the best leather skins. Then, I select tones, textures and shapes, playing with it to get MY perfect match. The mock up step comes afterwards and can be fastidious. I usually need to produce up to 4 prototypes to be happy with the final result. Lucky me, I have a precious craftsman by my side, producing shoes for generations and always wiling to spread his knowledge. »


Her real name: Rachapork
Her personal style: Minimalistic with small colours touches
Her favourite colour to paint your nails: Grey
Her favourite food: Sum Tam Salad
Her favourite exotic fruit: Everything growing in Thailand… Mango for instance
The flowers to put on her desk: A little white flower
Her favourite song to dance all night long: – True Romance – by Citizens!
Her favourite Asian fashion label: Nerb Handcraft
Her perfume: Dior
Her favourite spots in town: Hobs Beer, Bad Motel
She would leave BKK for: Nua, North part of Thailand or Sweden
The first thing she does when she wakes up: Check her phone and cuddle her cat
A French word she knows: Je t’aime, Bonjour
A Thai word to learn: Mungkud (mangousteen)


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