Power girls aren’t missing in Bangkok and Yada, the designer and entrepreneur behind THREE SISTER could be the leader of a loud talented generation. Aged 23 years old, Yada is not only her own boss but also the artistic director of Twist x Turn, a London based label available at Topshop.


Could you introduce THREE SISTER?
« I launched the label in 2013 with my boyfriend. At that time, I was entering my last year of studying at the Rangsit University where I graduated Fashion Design.  The name simply comes from my love for my family and my sisters. »

How would you describe the D.N.A. of your brand?
« Sporty, urban and minimalistic with a hint of rock’n’roll attitude. »

Where do you take your inspirations from?
« My personal style and my wishes are mostly leading my designs. I also feel very inspired by movies and music video clips. »

Which kind of piece do you especially love to design for women?
« Leather shorts are a must! It is so easy to wear and absolutely perfect to mix and match with any top. »

Could you portrait your muse?
« She is self-confident, able to develop her own personal style and to wear it proudly. »

What would be the perfect occasion to wear your collection?
« Anytime, anywhere from day to night to get a badass urban style. Shoes and make up will make the difference! »

What are the production steps at THREE SISTER?
« I get inspired randomly almost everyday. I first look for cool and qualitative materials before drawing the dreamt piece. I love to use leather, denim, knit and fishnet. Then comes the time to develop my prototype and to send it to production in town. I work with small ateliers in Bangkok. »


Her nickname: MhooHam
Her personal style: Black & White
Her favourite nail polish colour: Black
Her favourite food: Som Tam
Her favourite fruit: Mango
The flowers to put on her desk: Better put green plants
THE song to dance all night long: – Chandelier – by Sia
The Asian label she supports: Twist x Turn
The make-up touch she nevers goes out without: Red lipstick
A place to share a drink with friends in BKK: Parking Toys
The international star she loves: Kendall Jenner
The topmodel inspiring her: Cara Delevingne
She would maybe leave BKK for: Tokyo
The first thing she does when she wakes up: Turn off her alarm clock
A French word she knows: Bonjour
A Thai fashion magazine she advices you to discover: Cheese magazine
A Thai word to learn: Yed-Kae (f*ck/sh*t)


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