Thesis Crisis

Thesis Crisis

This interview was the best thing that could happen to me this summer. Naphat (the girl) and Thana (the guy) are forming a strong and stunning creative couple. A sweet reminder to remember that life is so much better, so much inspiring and so much tender when love is around.  


How did the label started?
« Thesis Crisis was our final year project to graduate in Object Design at the Chulalongkorn University. What a though time! The name of our label symbolizes these five years of hard working to get it ready and launch it – Thesis – for the methodical aspect of it and – Crisis – for the pain going with! »

Which adjectives to describe the D.N.A. of Thesis Crisis?
« Traditional and modern, a little bit bohemian and minimalistic. »

Where does your inspiration come from?
Naphat answering « We get inspired observing people habits when carrying or using their bags on a daily basis.  I like to check tons, appealing details and the bag’s appearance while Thana is more about its functionalities. Together we aim to design your essential bag. »

Could you portrait your muse?
« She would probably wear more dresses than pants. She loves to be unique and to play with her style. »

What is the best occasion to wear one of your bags?
« A shopping day or a walk in the city might be the perfect test to check our ability to deliver easy to carry and essential bags! »

Could you please tell us more about the production steps at Thesis Crisis?
« We love to go through the cultural Thai archives to discover exciting traditions. Then we explore all possibilities to re-interpret it while playing with the leather, the cutting, the shapes and the seams. Based on this brainstorming research, we start drawing the new design in mind and produce up to four prototypes before sending it to our production atelier in Bangkok. Some delicate pieces are handmade and request more than twenty hours of working each. »

Which kind of materials do you use?
Thana answering « We exclusively design bags made of premium leather imported from Italy as my family owns a specialized business for generations. »

What’s your favourite place to work on new collections?
« After a good lunch or dinner, close to water. Then.. we feel happy and ready to work! »


Their nicknames: Hot  (Thana) & Googee (Naphat)
Their personal style: Easy going and Casual chic 
Their favourite food: Sum Tam
Their favorite fruits: Strawberries and Mango
The flowers to put on Naphat’s desk: Hydrangeas
The song they can’t get enough of:
-Thinking Out Loud – by Ed Sheeran and – Blank space – by Taylor Swift 
The Asian labels they love: Greyhound and Odessey
Naphat’s perfum: Flower by Kenzo
The Thai celebrities they follow: Toey Jarin Porn and Eye Kamolned 
The international stars they admire: Adam Levine et Amanda Seyfried
They would leave BKK for: London or Santorini
The first thing they do when they wake up:
Feed their birds – Mantho & Soda –
Some French words they know: Citroën, Zinedine Zidane
A Thai blog they advice you to discover: Vanilla Walk
A Thai word to learn: Yim (smile) et Aroy (Yummi, delicious)


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