R&R Clothing Line

R&R Clothing Line

What a great example to highlight the power of supportive partners in life. As his girlfriend, Rasa, pushed him to launch his own label, Rusdy signed off his first collection with R&R Clothing Line in January 2015 and became unstoppable with its stunning reversible jackets designs.


Dear Rusdy, what’s your background?
“I am a 24 years old Singaporean guy living between Bangkok and my hometown. I studied visual art and fashion photography before launching R&R Clothing line with my girlfriend Rasa a year ago.”

How would you describe the D.N.A. of your label?
“Minimalistic with some teen vibes, playful yet fashionable.”

What is inspiring you when designing a new collection?
“I love Kanye West, Nick Knight and Alexander McQueen for their respective work style, own art and vision of fashion. They are big inspirations and I admire their ability to push it so much further than any other artist. “

Which piece do you like the most to create for women?
“The bomber jacket is such a cool piece. It is a trendy design at the moment but also a forever piece that makes you feel good.”

What would be your advice to the girls wearing one of your jackets?
“Wear it with confidence, dress sophisticated. I personally prefer polished looks. And of course, enjoy the reversible aspect of our collection.”

Could you please tell us more about the big production steps at R&R Clothing Line?
“I collect inspirations from everywhere and build moodboards with. Then, I start sketching an ideal piece to illustrate my ideas and I go straight to my tailor. This partner is crucial. After working for 20 years in the tailoring of ceremonial clothing, she understands my wishes so well and cares about quality like nobody. We usually need to develop 2 to 3 prototypes before launching the production of limited editions. All our jackets are reversible and give you the opportunity to go for a stylish original look or for a softer one depending on your mood and outfit of the day. “

Which kind of material do you like the most to work with?
“ We mostly work with cotton, linen and spandex for the kimono style jackets. For the bomber jackets, we usually go for micro polyester.”

Their respective nickname: Rusdy hasn’t, Rasa is Pizza
Their personal style: Futuristic
Rasa’s favourite nail polish colour: Cream Natural
Their favourite food: Indian food and pizza
Their favourite fruits: Watermelon and grape fruit
The flowers to put on their desk: Green plants
Their song to dance all night long: – Lean On – by Major Lazer
Their favourite Asian fashion label: Greyhound
Their respective perfumes: Balenciaga for Rusdy and JLo for Rasa
Their perfect spot for a drink with friends: Muse Hotel
They would maybe leave Asia for: Stuttgart or England
The first thing Rusdy does when he wakes up: Look at her
A fashion magazine they advice you to discover: Cheese magazine
A French word they know: Oui, Comment ca va?
A thaï word to learn: Panwaoin (Crazy)

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