Damn it… I met a real killer girl. Wiriya is the kind of woman you would spy for hours without closing an eye for a single second. 3 design degrees – from architecture to textile – including a bachelor at Central Martins College aren’t even enough to describe the talent and the determination of QOYA’s designer.

Dear Wiri, What’s the story behind QOYA?
“I launched QOYA one year ago after leaving Europe and its stereotyped fast-fashion industry. I headed back to Bangkok with a simple desire… design pieces for me. Call it a karma coincidence or not, some friends started ordering made to order designs, followed by a hotel in Phuket and so the label was born.”

Why naming the label QOYA?
“GOYA means –wild cat- in an African dialect. It is also the nickname given to self-confident women with attitude. I just changed the G for a Q and started sketching a logo highlighting both a wild cat and a sunset.”

How would you describe the D.N.A. of your label?
“ It’s an anti-commercial Thai brand telling the world our Holiday spirit. Can’t you feel our sunny mind set through the collection?”

What are your inspirations?
“Combining future and heritage. I mainly visit local villages and crafts atelier when traveling. I love to mix these discoveries with my own culture and give it a fresh vision.”

Which piece do you especially love to design for women?
“I made my first bag when I was 7 years old. I’m just obsessed with bags.”

Would you be able to portrait your muse?
“I guess I don’t know that woman in person but anyway, I love hard working women, following their dreams and being loyal to their independent vision of the world.”

What would be your best advice to wear properly your designs?
“Just follow your instinct. Don’t wait on any occasion to wear something. Step back from the society rules, be yourself… REALLY yourself. And then, just go out and enjoy the sun.”

Could you tell us more about the production steps at QOYA?
“I have a studio at home where I love to experiment new designs. I often buy some materials and store them to use them later. Then when I draw a bag or another piece, I just go back to these materials trying to figure out how to combine them together. I develop each prototype by myself before sending it to the factory. I usually work with 4 different ateliers to produce limited editions of 60 items by design. Bags are the most complex pieces to produce; being made of 12 different fabrics.”

Which kind of materials do you like to work with?
“For now, I buy traditional fabrics from the North of Thailand and will draw my own patterns for the next collection. Fabrics are usually made of cotton and silk yet I don’t mind using polyester as the colour always looks very good with this synthetic material.”


Her nickname: Wiri, which means hard working woman
Her personal style: More is more
Your favourite nail polish colour: Green
Her favourite food: Japanese curry rice
Her favourite exotic fruit: Cherry
The flowers to put on her desk: Sun flowers
Her favourite track to dance all night long: Anything from Prodigy Pro Dj
Her perfume: Be Delicious – DKNY
Her favourite spot to hang out with friends in BKK: Le café des stagiaires
She would maybe leave BKK for: India
The first thing she does when she wakes up: Check her phone
A French sentence she knows: Je m’appelle Wiri (my name is Wiri)
A thaï expression to remember? Lom Maak (Such a handsome man)

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