All big stories start with a single idea: Create something. As I got to meet MANATA’s founder Dia, I also got to discover a close team working behind her, sharing a common vision of lifestyle and an ambition to propose something new and durable.


Could you tell me more about MANATA’s team and concept?
“I launched MANATA in 2014 with the help of more or less five friends between 25 and 31 years old. We all share a creative academic background, as I graduated Raffles Interior Design programme and convinced my photographer, fashion designer and visual designer friends to join the team. MANATA aims to become a creative studio proposing not only a clothing collection but also interior and lifestyle items.”

How would you describe the D.N.A. of your label?
“Timeless and contemporary. We focus on developing pieces you can treasure and pass on to your daughter.”

What are your inspirations?
“I am very much into enhancing women curves. I love to think about clothing as a powerful object to highlight women shapes and personalities.”

Which piece do you like the most to create for a woman?
“Dress is a fascinating piece. It is all about playing with the geometric lines and materials to create a must-have.”

Could you portrait your muse?
“Eva Green, her very pale skin and dark eyes colour are hypnotic.”

What would be the best occasion to wear your collection?
“ Both casual day or offices days. Our clothes are made to follow our costumer moods and wishes, not to fit any stereotyped situation.”

Could you tell more about the big production steps at MANATA?
“We work on building a collection made of essential pieces. We try to come up with a new must-have design every three months and propose new colours and fabrics for the existing ones. I work closely with the fashion designer to draw the ideal piece before developing together up to 3 prototypes to get the perfect combination between shape, tone and fabrics. We only propose limited editions respecting the international size chart, as our costumers are both Thai and foreigners.”

Which kind of material do you like the most to work with?
“It depends on the shape of each piece but we mostly work with silk, Japanese chiffon and linen.”



Her real name: Nataon
Her personal style: Simple yet stunning
Her favourite nail polish colour: Burgundy
Her favourite food: She loves all the food in the world
Her favourite exotic fruit: Japanese melon
The flowers to put on her desk: Lily Casablanca flowers
Her music style to dance all night long with her best friends: Trance music
The Asian fashion labels she loves: Yohji Yamamoto and Uniqlo
Her perfume: Acqua di Parma
A shopping spot in Bangkok: Siam Square to find unique styles
A place to have a drink with friends in BKK: The House
She would leave Bangkok for: Amsterdam as she felt in love with the people, their modern vision of fashion and design
The first thing she does when she wakes up: Think of a big coffee!
A French word she knows: Paname
A Thai word to learn: Suay (beautiful)


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