Karma or not, Fuanglada is the first designer I met this summer in Bangkok and the last one I got to interview only few days before flying back to Paris. As a rough diamond, Sai is an enigmatic, talented and charismatic woman that wouldn’t let anyone dictate her lifestyle as well as her designs.


What’s the story behind JANFIVE STUDIO?
“ I launched this label after studying Fashion & Textil Design for four years. JANFIVE STUDIO is now existing for more than two years. The name might be a lucky charm as it the contraction of my date and month of birth JANUARY – 5 -. The mention – STUDIO – symbolizes my artistic wishes for the future to not only propose an accessories label but also a clothing collection, a artistic portfolio and other lifestyle projects. Thanks to the Designers Room program, (a national gouvernemental program supporting 26 young designers), I am now exploring new opportunities for the label. »

How would you describe the D.N.A. of your brand?
« Casual, traditional, trendy and holiday driven. »

Could you tell us more about your inspirations?
« I grew up in the South of Thailand close to the ocean. I feel very inspired by this powerful natural element and its infinite Blue tons settings. I also love to discover other countries cultures and architecture styles in which patterns are so unique, aesthetic and significant. The new collection is inspired by moroccan mosaic. »

Which kind of piece do you especially love to design for women?
« I love totes and mini cross body bags. They are essential pieces for holiday!»

Could you portrait your muse?
« I often think about an elegant and natural woman with long and free style hair. She could be a globetrotter yet would also be more into relaxing from time to time. »

What would be your advice to wear properly your collection?
« JANFIVE STUDIO pieces are made to follow you while escaping the city for the week end or for an holiday trip by the sea. Make up and sophisticated hairstyle aren’t needed, a simple maxi dress will be more than enough. »

What are the production steps at JANFIVE STUDIO?
« Printed patterns are the results of countless hours drawing and painting in my atelier. Once I am happy with each drawing, I vectorize them and only retouch the smallest ink bleedings. After defining the shape and design of each product, I start working on prototyping the pieces and look for the best materials to ensure a qualitative digital printing. I work closely with a factory based in Bangkok. The collection takes up to four months to be ready. »

Which kind of materials do you work with?
« JANFIVE STUDIO bags are mostly made of canvas to ensure a beautiful and waterproof printed pattern.»

What is your favourite moment to draw?
« Alone at night, in a quiet room or by the ocean. Then I can really focus and feel the inspirations running through my head… »


Her nickname: Sai, her real name meaning – Bougainvillea
Her personal style: “I do whatever I want – Not disturbing anyone”
Her favourite food: Green curry and Tum Yam
Her favourite fruit: Watermelon
The flowers to put on her desk: Hydrangeas
The singer she can’t get enough when drawing: Lana Del Rey
Her perfume: Hermès
A spot to go for drinks with friends in BKK: Above Eleven
The artist inspiring her: Frida Kahlo
The topmodel she follows: Miranda Kerr
She would leave BKK for: Vietnam or somewhere close to the ocean
The first thing she does when she wakes up: Check her Instagram account
Some French words she knows: Olala, Exactement
A Thai word to learn: May Chaay (no)


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