Sometimes Karma is doing things so well… I got lucky to meet Chutamas (madame) and Chavit (monsieur) just like that! Admiring the watches they were wearing before discovering that they were the team working behind these damnly cool accessories for two years!


Could you please describe briefly FORREST’s life?
Chavit answering « Chutamas is the creative director, I am managing marketing and communications plans. Together, we aim to develop this watches & accessories house, an original, natural and affordable young designer label. »

What’s the story behind these watches?
Chutamas answering « It all started with a personal thinking – How Nature could influences Time? – Since that point, I am working on linking these two elements. The name symbolizes our wish to offer a peaceful moment to the future owners of our watches, FOR… REST. And when putted together, those two words come back to the essential element: NATURE. »

How would you describe the D.N.A. of FORREST?
« Casual, natural, unisex. »

What are your inspirations to develop new products?
« Grass, stones, wood and of course, our challenge: succeed in integrating these natural and living elements inside watches’ frames. Our next step will be to apply this concept to wallets. »

What would be your best advice to adopt properly one of your watches?
« It depends on your mood and personality. A minimalist client would maybe go for the wood design whereas a sophisticated girl would pick the marbled stone one. The joyful dude would certainly adopt our grass watch. »

Could you please tell me more about the big production steps at FORREST?
Chutamas answering « My first and main step is to look for the inspiring and seducing natural elements. Then, I have to think about how to add them inside the watch’ frame and how to keep them fresh and unbroken. I can spend hours experimenting possibilities before creating the mock up by myself. When ready, I send my draft to the 3D expert to develop the technical prototype and prepare the last production steps. All pieces are handcrafted before being assembled in a specialized factory to enhance an accurate products delivery. »

Which material do you like to use?
« The strap is made of genuine leather and the elements inside the frame are real and natural. We use lack wood, green grass and shiny silver stone for instance. »

Their nicknames: Sept (September abbreviation) and Ae (like Aeeeew)
Their personal style: Minimalist with some original boyish touches for her
Her favourite colour to paint your nails: Dark blue
Their favourite food: Seafood
Their favourite fruits: Mangosteen, Bananas
The flowers to put on their respective desks: White roses, Cactus
Their song to dance all night long: -True Romance- by Citizens!
The perfect Asian label for them: Issey Mikaye
Her perfume: Givenchy
Their favourite place in Bangkok to have a drink with friends: Silom road bars
They would leave Bangkok for: New York, New Zealand
The first thing they do when they wake up: Check their phones
A French word they know: Sept (number 7)
A Thai word to learn: Mamuang (mango)

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