Valaipan is the perfect illustration of the strong women definition. Not only she benefits from a perfect academic background in jewellery’s crafting and goods’ marketing strategy but also runs her own business like a boss for more almost ten years. Thailand didn’t mistaken when picking her label four time in a row to represent the country’s savoir-faire at the renown international fair in Paris “Maison et Objets”


What’s the story behind FLOW?
« It’s a long story! I started my career working in an atelier for about five years before launching my label in 2008. FLOW developed slowly but surely, allowing me to both work on my own collections and as an artistic director for several other brands and projects until now. The name FLOW goes with my love for easy going and fluid things in life. »

How would you describe the D.N.A. of your products?
« Timeless, creative and affordable. »

What are your inspirations?
« I come up with a unique and different concept each year. I love to travel the world and run the international fairs or exhibitions to discover new creative trends, techniques and innovations. Each destination brings me new inspirations »

Which piece do you especially love to design for women?
« Earrings are my fave. When designed with meticulous attention to details, these are the perfect final touch to any outfit. I am always observing women personalities, face and attitude before drawing any new design. »

Would you be able to portrait your muse?
« She would be a natural, humble yet elegant woman. »

Which fashion advice would you give to our readers?
« If you would like to adopt one of FLOW’s statement pieces, a minimalist outfit would be the best option to go with the jewel. If you are more into sleek and slim designs, don’t forget to undress your shoulders and put your hair up for the night. The WOW effect might be around the corner! »

Could you please tell me more about the big productions steps at FLOW?
« I like to draw, take photos and gather all my ideas on mood boards. Once I get a clear vision of the dreamt collection, I start sketching the pieces by hand before going further in the conception with 2D or 3D technology. When the virtual design is finalized, I would always produce a paper prototype to check weight, comfort and allure of each piece. Then I send prototypes and detailed production requests to my dear partners and craftsmen based in Thailand, depending on my needs and their expertise. It usually takes up to two months to finalize a collection of 10 to 15 pieces. »

Which kind of material do you like to work with?
« I exclusively work with brass, silver 990 or silver 925 sterling. I like to experiment new concepts by using other materials such as silk for instance. »


Her nickname: Fon flow
Her personal style: Timeless
Her favourite nail polish colour: Taupe
Her favourite food: Durian
The flowers to put on her desk: Jasmine, as it smells so good
Her perfume: Lanvin
Spots to discover in Bangkok at day: Chacuchak market and Terminal 21
Spot to enjoy in Bangkok at night: Banyan Tree
She would maybe leave Bangkok for: Tokyo
The first thing she does when she wakes up: Some aerobic moves in the bathroom
A French word she knows: Merci beaucoup, excuse-moi
A local fashion magazine she advices to discover: Vogue Thailand
A thaï word to learn: Khoop Khun Kha (thank you)


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