Choux Wardrobe

Choux Wardrobe

What a nice surprise to get a real crush for a Thai label, meet the two girls friends behind the designs and discover that they love French culture and pastries as much as I adore my new Thai life. How pleased I am to let you discover more about Naamtam and B, their label Choux Wardrobe and their tender and feminine collection.


Is your label’s name inspired by our national French pastry?
B answering « Of course! We love its taste, its appearance and its curviness. As we would love people to fall for our collection as much as we do fall for Choux, we though this would be a sweet idea to use the word as our label’s name and maybe be our lucky charm for our first collection launched back in 2014. »

How would you describe the D.N.A of your brand?
« Gourmet, elegant and easy to wear. »

What is your main inspiration to design?
« We design clothing with a single goal: give more power and self-confidence to women. »

Which piece do you especially love to design for women?
« Pencil skirt is a must! Its gives a streamlined silhouette and draw insane body curves. »

Could you portrait your muse?
« She is an happy and serene international profiled woman. Her brilliant ideas contribute to her natural beauty. »

What would be your advice to wear your collection?
« Have fun, focus on your wishes! Our natural tons and elegant shapes will embrace your body. »

Could you tell us more about the production steps at Choux Wardrobe ?
« All our pieces are handmade in our familial atelier based in Bangkok. We draw and prototype pieces by ourselves. Finding the best materials to marry our designs is the most important production step for us. We usually need four months to produce a new collection. »

What are your fetish materials?
« We mostly love to select Japanese fabrics for their quality. Our collections are made of silk and polyester pieces. »


Their nickname: Naamtam NT (Kunlawat) and B (Chidchanok)
Their personal style: Easy going and smiling
Their favourite nail polish colour: Beige
Thei favourite food: omelettes and Padthaï
Their favourite fruit: Melon and strawberries
The flowers to put on their desks: Lavender and sunflowers
The Asian label they love: Muji
Their perfums:  Joe Malone and Chanel
A spot in Bangkok: Melo Bar CDC Crystal Center
The Thai it-girls they follow: Chompoo Araya, Palmy
The international star they love: Britney Spears and Beyoncé
The topmodel they bet on: Liu Wen for B and Sui He for Naamtam
They would leave BKK for: Tokyo or Kyoto
The first thing they do when they wake up: Check their phone and turn on the TV
A French phrase they know: Merci beaucoup, Je t’aime
A Thai word to learn: Chan Suay (i am beautiful), Diingram (so cool!)


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