You might understand it when reading again the tittle of this post… Impossible for me to pass by a Thai young designer booth with a French name without stopping by! As cultivated than passionated and humble, Silampa, the designer and Supitcha, the golden hand, are the kind of sisters playing together for the very best and so they do for BEAUX ARTS, a irresistible scarves label.


What’s the story behind BEAUX ARTS?
Silampa amswering « We launched this label one year ago. The name is inspired by our academic background and lifestyle as I studied Photography in Paris but also archeology and Art History in Bangkok while my sister did study Art and Civilisations. »

How would you describe the D.N.A. of your label?
« Free, artistic and easy going. »

Where do you take your inspirations from?
« Art photography, graphic techniques, architecture and optical illusions are endless inspirations sources. »

Could you portrait your muse?
« She might be a self-confident, blossomed and happy business woman. Victoria Beckham and Mira Duma for instance are women we admire for their strengthen, creativity and ambition. »

Which advices would you give to wear properly your scarves?
« There are so many ways to wear a scarf but we love it the most when worn casually around your neck or used as a belt on your summer pairs of jeans. »

Could you tell us more about the production steps at BEAUX ARTS?
« All printed patterns are developed in-house by myself. I can spend up to three days working on a specific pattern before introducing it to my sister. Once we agree on the final version, we send it to printing testing and then to production in Bangkok. We work with a renown atelier from the city to ensure a high quality products delivery. »

What are your fetish materials?
« We love to work with silk, cotton and neoprene. »

What’s your next challenge?
« We would love to design party dresses and maybe one day minimalistic brides dresses. »


Their nicknames: Tarn (Supitcha) and Fon (Silampa)
Their personal style: Minimalistic
Their favourite nail polish colour: Red for Tarn, Silver for Fon
Their favourite food: Spicy Thai food and Kra Pao Kai 
Their favourite fruits: Mangustans and durian
The flowers to put on their desks: Roses and Blue Hydrangeas
Their song to dance all night long:
– Party Rock Anthem – by LMFAO
The Asian fashion labels they love: Izzue for Tarn, Anchavika for Fon
Their perfums: Joe Malone Red Roses, Joe Malone Citrus Jasmin
A spot to have brunch in BKK: Case Study or Dean & Deluca
The topmodels they follow: Cara Delevingne and Miranda Kerr
Their favourite photographers: Hiroshi Sugimoto and Gilbert Garcin
They would leave BKK for: Japan or Switzerland
The first thing they do when they wake up: Check their phone
A Thai blogger they advice you to discover: Ploy Chavaporn
A French word they know: Merci beaucoup for Tarn, Asseyez vous for Fon
A Thai phrase to learn: Awww (Okaaay) Maypenray (No problem, don’t worry)


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